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District 31A Lions Clubs of North Carolina

Membership Growth

  • Net Increase in membership of at least five (5) members per Club
  • Each club will elect a Membership Chairperson to work with the District GMT as needed to assist their club with membership growth and retention.
  • Charter two (2) new Lions Clubs this year
  • Any club in the District with decreasing membership will be assisted in how to obtain new members.

District Monetary Goals
These are projects within the district supported by the governors team. In most cases these are long standing programs that are based on humanitarian and recognition matters. All members of the district are encouraged to support this fund so that the district can continue to support the efforts and recognize those that help.

  • Eye Research $4.00
  • McCune Center (Capital Improvement) 3.00
  • McCune Center (Activities) 2.00
  • Service Dogs (SE & Leader Dogs) 2.00
  • LCIF/Melvin Jones 2.00
  • Jack Stickley Fellowship 2.00
  • Woolard Partner-in-Service 2.00
  • VIP Fishing Tournament 2.00
  • *Mountain Area Radio Reading Service 1.00

Total Per Member $ 20.00

Other Goals

  • Camp Dogwood Tickets 3 Books per member
  • VIP Fishing Tournament Sponsor 2 VIPs
  • Brighter Visions Goal - $75 per member and $79,000 for the district. Programs will be scheduled by 2nd VDG Debbie Hicks.

*There are 7 Radio Reading Services in NC. We are the only one west of Charlotte. MARRS signal goes out over the 4 surrounding counties. It is also broadcast over the World Wide Web. Most recently Mission Hospitals, VA Hospital and Pardee Hospital have the MARRS station available on their in-house broadcast system.


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